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kohler motor

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hey guys im new to this whole small engine thing, here is what i have got. i have a 15 hp ohv kohler motor it started two days ago reved up real high we thought the govenor might be broken, took it apart wasnt that put it back together found that it was the throttle butterfly was broken we fixed that and now it wont start we have spark( blue) we have fuel, and we have compression, and we have backfiring. any suggestions please.i have checked the key on the flywheel its fine.
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model number

the model number for this motor is cv 15s, spec number 41570, serial number 3203608933, we tested the rectifier regulator and found that one leg was bad will that keep it from starting, ive heard that if its bad the spark may not be hot enough please let me know
I was thinking the spark voltage was generated separate of the charging circuit on those thus a problem on the regulator side would not effect spark voltage. Could be different though depending on the model version.

This service manual should cover that engine:
removing cam shaft on kohler

alright noticed that the timing marks are off on the cam and crank shaft how that happened i have no idea. but i need to get the cam shaft gear off anyone know how to do that the manual wasn't real specific on how to do it any help would be greatly appreciated
can you remove valve cover and check for valve movement, these engines are prone to breaking cams at high revs on start up.
to remove cam. split engine, remove valve cover, remove head bolts, remove head,label intake and exhaust push rod, remove lifters and label(do not use a magnet to remove lifters) turn gear slightly counter clockwise and gently pull outward. with a proper lifter retrieving tool sometimes the head can remain on and only the rocker assembly has to be removed then push rods then lifters. the lifters are why the cam will not slide out but once removed should come out easily.
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