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Kohler Engine Repair Project

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Hello gents!
I just started a little work on a Kohler PRO 25 hp engine from a 200? Craftsman GT5000. I bought this tractor about 4 months ago, not knowing that it had any problems at all (I didn't check it out thorough enough). When I brought it home I noticed that it had a smoking problem. Sometimes it was really bad and other times it would be barely visible, but it was obvious that it needed attention. I was going to my local lawnmower shop anyway with another tractor so I took it along and had him diagnose that problem. He know right away that the head-gasket was the issue since that is a very common problem with this series. The bad news was that he said it wasn't exactly cheap to fix it. Because of the time it involved he said I got hime to do the work it would be a minimum of $350. I definitely wasn't going to take the risk because I already paid a good bit for the tractor. It's been sitting around here the last few weeks because I didn't have time to start another project, but things thinned out the last few days so I decided to get at it. Yesterday I pulled the tractor into the shop and took the engine off and opened it up .

Here are two pictures of what I accomplished in about 2 1/2 hours of work.


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Good pictures. Engine looks nice and clean. Keep the photos coming as you progress.
That is a clean engine, and a clean work area too!

I'll look forward to hearing and seeing how this goes for you. I'm always up for learning about engine repair.
Wew, this project is just not getting done. Somehow my attention has been going to other things and work has been pretty busy for me the last few weeks. I determined that engine should have a full overhaul to make it worth it and I guess I'm not too eager to tackle that yet, especially since I only get short snatches of spare time and that generally doesn't work well with tedious work like this.
Good for you for getting it to the point where it is now! Keep up the good work and eventually it'll all pay off.
How did you determine it needed a full overhaul?

Ive done hundreds of these Kohler head gasket swaps and 99% of the time the bores look like brand new.

Did your technician tell you which gasket was blown? i had a 2005 GT5000 personally, it blew the right cylinder head gasket and smoked very heavily, like they all did. I left the motor on the frame, dropped the exhaust pipe on the offending head, removed the tins and shroud, carb, and loosened the intake bolts on the one side, and removed that head, put on the new gasket...worked like a champ.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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