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Kohler CV730S fouling one cylinder

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Hi everyone...

New to this forum--looks GREAT!! I'd like a little input here.

I've got a Kohler CV730S that has a complaint of using excessive oil and fouling one cylinder only. Compression is about 200 psi on each cylinder; oil is correct at 10W30 and at right levels. No leaks visible; customer says it used about a pint recently when mowing about 3/4 acre-level ground. Visible smoke from exhaust--blue. Customer is very anal about service and keeping unit clean. RH plug oil fouled--LH good.

Just got it in tonight--haven't started a teardown yet but I'm thinking a possible valve stem seal or crankcase breather.

Any other thoughts out there? All input appreciated!

Regards to all...

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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