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I picked up a 2002 Simplicity Regent Hydro at a rummage sale that apparently wouldn't start, so I took a gamble on it. It turns over well, but just won't fire. With some starting fluild, I can occasionally get a little backfire puff.

Here is what I have checked on this Kohler 16hp CV16S-4350 Command engine...

- Cleaned Carb
- Carb fuel solenoid is working
- Checked for spark and even put in new spark plug.
- Removed valve cover...appears both exhaust and inlet move freely up and down when I turn crank. They are not adjustable since they are apparently the hydraulic lifters.
- Checked key on crankshaft/stator and looks perfect.
- Checked ignition coil by just increasing the gap a lot on an old spark plug and seeing if it jumps the big gap, and it does. So I am thinking the coil is good.
- I am assuming it is not a fuel problem since I get nothing (no fires) when spraying starting fluid in the spark plug hole.
- I barely measured 30 on a compression test, but I kind of knew that a compression test on these engines is not valuable due to the compression release mechanism.

I am thinking it is a timing issue, but not sure how it could be a timing issue.

-Could it still be ignition coil even though spark is good (bad timing caused by bad coil)?
- Should I buy a piece of equipment to do a leak test, but not sure how to do a leak test since I read a leak test should be done with a warm engine?
- Could it be a head gasket or bad valves? How do I make this determination?

I have researched a lot on the web and just kind of go in circles. I would appreciate any advice on next steps.
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