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Kholer 15.5 Battery charging question

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Lawn Tractor even when running 3600 rpm.
Charging Battery does not go past "0" amps.
The pointer does come up some from the negative side.
Is this engine suppose to have a regulator.
or ? Stator + what?
Is there a procedure to check the charging circuit and is there an adjustment ?

15.5 HP
Model No.


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Ken--what I'd suggest is get a multi-meter and hook it up to the battery and test the voltage. Should be about 13.5 or so. Start the tractor and see what the voltage is doing. If it goes up to 14-14.5, you should be in good shape. Should be a charging circuit on the engine. Have you been having starting issues?
Starting issues yes about every few times that I use the machine, I have to put an external battery charger on and charge the battery before I can start it.....Not the starter it is new couple of months ago.
I though that I would run is question by the form. before I go back to the shed.
I may have to let the batter go down a little. I put the external charger on yesterday when I finished cutting grass.
I don't see a regulator in the engine circuit, just stator and Diode, without checking I did not think the diode would be bad,because there is some movement in the Amp meter.
When I put the external charger on it will charge at 10 amp till it backs down to auto charge, which is just flicker on the charge meter.
Thanks for the suggestion and when I do get it checked I will post.
Oh one more thing New battery last fall.
73 Ken k5jxl
Update: checked battery voltage as found. 12.8 volts.
Started up engine fine, battery voltage 12.5 volts.
Ran engine up to about 3600 rpm. battery voltage hoovered about 12.5-12.6 volts. I did see this time the Amp meter pointer came up to "0" when rpms were 3600 .

Shut engine down battery voltage now 12.5 volts.
Make no sense. Stator...where should the regulator, if there is one be located...also where would the Diode be.

Would some one that has this Kholer 15.5 do the same test?
73 Ken k5jxl
Here's the service manual for it:

Some engines have a regulator/rectifier and some do not. My CV15 on my Deere has the regulator. It is a flat IC mounted on the engine shroud same side as the air filter. See page 73 in the manual above for a picture of what it looks like. The diode is inside the IC along with the regulator circuit. Page 74 shows how to test a regulated circuit.

By the photo on the Sears site yours looks to be one without the regulator as it shows only a cover plate where the regulator would be mounted. Page 67-69 shows how to go about testing them. I can't tell where the diode would be on it. I would imagine somewhere between the stator leads and the ignition switch. I don't think it is built into the stator harness itself but would not rule that out either.

Sears Owners Manual:
Thanks Mark,
Good information there and also in the manuals are the information that I was seeking.

I have determined that there is something wrong with my charging circuit.
Test today. Battery voltage before starting machine was 12.7 volts:
Started unit and ran it up to 3600 rpm voltage at 12.5 small amount of movement on the amp meter pointer near "0" amps.
according to the test, problem with charging system.

Next thing is to test the stator and diode, when I take time to locate the wiring and diode.

This is good info for anyone having charging problems.
I have yet to find Kohler 15.5 hp manual,just the close CV16
Thanks again Mark for the links.
73 Ken k5jxl
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...I have yet to find Kohler 15.5 hp manual,just the close CV16...
Yes, I was trying to figure that one out as well. Best I can tell from digging on the net it is a basic Kohler Command Pro CV15 with some unknown modifications spec'd by FHP (Frigidaire Home Products aka Electrolux) which owns Husqvarna for which AYP (American Yard Products) who makes Sears tractors and mowers is a division. :rolleyes:

(All these changes in cooperate ownership anymore is enough to drive a person nuts! :mad: )

When getting parts for it your safest bet might be to first look at Sears Parts using your engine model and type number.

Then if you want to get the part someplace else such as your local lawn and garden shop, compare your part number from the Sears website with the number the local guy comes up with.
Thanks again Mark,
I did not know all the linkage with the different companies.
I have used most times Sears Parts Direct.
One exception was the starter, the prices will blow your mind also.
I bought from the Local Power shop, because I wanted some one to face when and if I had a "Fuss"
Thanks for the links...
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