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JX85 - what's it worth?

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Hi all; I'm in the market for a new mower, and have been considering a Honda HRC216 ($1300), a Snapper Hi-Vac ($900), an a Toro Commercial ($1300) - these are CDN prices. Some of you may have responded to my other thread asking for ideas for a new commercial mower for home use (I like to buy everything overkill, especially machines).

However, there is a John Deere JX85 for sale reasonably close by and was used by him alone for residential (no commercial). I love my 14SB that I have (it'll be my back-up), so I know I would like the JX85. Problem is the guy is asking $650 - which I think is way over priced for a machine that's 8-10 years old. It's been sitting in storage for about 4 years and probably needs the carb cleaned, and will definitely need full maintenance (including the oil filter).

Should I consider the JX85 over those others, and if so - at what price? I initially offered $425 but he wants to wait it out a bit to see if anyone comes closer to ask... is it worth 30-50% of the cost of a new machine, or should I just stick with one of the new ones?
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One benefit of buying new is you have the manufacture warranty if something goes wrong. That is worth something in itself. But it is kind of like buying an extended warranty on anything. In buying the warranty you gamble something will break and by not buying the warranty you gamble something will not break.

;) How lucky have you been feeling lately? :D
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