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Just recieved my NEW bad boy

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I am new here but just wanted everyone to know I have received my Badboy CZT 50 mower. It is a 50 inch deck with a 31 Horse Kawasaki Motor. This machine is every bit of the BAD in Badboy. The cut is great as well as the ease of use. Haven't cut anything real tall yet but it cut my yard very even and very fast. (had a 12 year old Dixie before this) I can cut my yard at 10 MPH and not even leaving one blade of grass uncut. There is not a lot of people on the threads that have Badboys so if you have any questions let me know and I will answer them if I can. Hopefully I can get a few pics up soon. Ever since I got my mower it has been raining. Hope everyone has a safe year mowing and hope to talk at everyone soon.
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:welcome: to MLF!!

Awesome, congrats on your new purchase! It sounds like you really like the machine which is great. I don't know too much about about the Badboys, but I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing your photos! :)
Welcome aboard brothermo! We'll always look at pictures! :D
congrats on the new mower! should be getting my outlaw xp on saturday.
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