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Just found the site

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I just found the site, I'm looking for any tips on restorations. I just pulled my dad's old Simplicity Wonderboy 325 out of the shed after 15 years of sitting, I started tearing it apart and plan on starting other projects when I'm done with it. Thanks for any help!

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:welcome: to MLMF Hughes13! Glad to have you here. do you have any pictures of the Wonderboy you could share. We'd love to see it in it's before state. The during and after will be fun to see too.

I think it's pretty special you're going to restore your Dad's mower. Bet there's some good memories to go along with it. My dad had a Wonderboy when I was a kid back in the early 60s and I always remember having fun taking the deck off and popping wheelies with it, at least until Mom spotted me.:D
Welcome to the forum R.J.! :howdy:
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