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Just checkin in

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Hey there tractor folks. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the great site. Tinkering with the yard toys has been with me ever since dad had me at his side in the garage since I was a pup. Now, I need the readers to see most everything I work on. And dad wants me to add a carryall to the cc for his oxygen tank so he can still play. Looking forward to chatting with some of you, since I picked up 2 more cc's this summer and I'm not too keen on some of the fancy parts. Hydro-something or other? What the!
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Yeah the times they are a changing. My dad went and looked at a new snapper the other day and he said it had a computer system on it like a car. Wtf!?! I guess now we are going to have to take our mower in and get raped at the dealer every time it has a hiccup or needs serviced. Remember this is hearsay but if it's true it really ticks me off.
Oh, that's just great! What's next, idiot lights that say "Change Oil", "Sharpen Blade", or "Maintenance Required - Return to Dealer - Bring Vaseline"?? :)
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