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John Deere Z465 Deck Issue

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G'day everyone from Ken in Australia.
I own a JD Z 465 Zero Turn with a 62 inch deck, machine has 35 hours on it.
On the right hand lower trailing edge of the deck is a curved strip of steel approx 12 inches in length and attached with 5 bolts, following the radius of the rear deck. It is only on that side.
It keeps bending at right angles from the first 4 inches, due to contact with rocks, roots etc (even though the deck is set at 3 1/2 as a minimum on the height lever. it also tears up the turf.
My question is, can I remove this strip with out damaging the deck? I don't know if it is used for reinforcing the lip of the deck on that side (due to sag?), or helping with rigidity.
Any way, any advice re this is appreciated.

Best wishes.

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Thanks fellas.
I'll get in touch with the local dealership. It's obviously there for a reason but its a poor design and I'd be amazed if any other owners of similar machines didn't have the same issue.

Best wishes.

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