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john deere z trak 797

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Hello all, new member
I have an '05 797 72"deck 29hp kawasaki engine I bought new. I keep it serviced and clean and it has performed flawlessly untill recently. I cut my place,just over 6 acres with it. It has around 250 hrs on it. I live in west central alabama where it is pretty hot and humid most of the summer. Last week when I cut it did fine no problems,today when I used it,after about 3 hrs, it started to bog down when i backed up,made my turn and proceded forward. At the end of the cut,I made the left turn and it bogged again and was fine going straight.When I made the turn to go opposite it started bogging again and didnt recover, felt and sounded like reduced engine power mode,I shut blades down and tried to make it to the house and finally just quit. I went in the house for a drink and came back out after 20 min,started it up and all was well and finished up with no other problems.That is what it has been doing,first couple hours no problem,then bog on turns,reduced power,quit,let sit run fine to finish. No vapor lock at gas cap,I have seen gas boiling/bubbling in filter at times,but not today.I have wet a towel and layed on fuel pump that seems to help also but dont know for sure.These machines have been out for 5+ years,anyone had this scenerio before and found a solution? Thanks for any suggestions
I have not changed the hyd filter,just wondering if one of the drive motors could be the culprit when it gets hot.???
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IN my opinion it is not the hydros as it is running fine before and it seems that it almost sounds like a coil is going bad. I am not sure but I have seen it where the coil gets hot and after a while it bogs down and then dies. Allowed to cool off and it runs fine. I replaced the coil on my L-120 (I have since traded it in for a X320) and it ran like a mad ape after that.
I'll look at the coils,plugs and connections.Seems like the hydraulics initiate the action,but I will figure it out.
I know that it is expensive but you might want to get the service manual from John Deere for this. Here is a link for getting a CD manual, it cost $45.00 for your model, The manual number is TM2077CD.

This way you can do a good troubleshooting without shooting in the dark.
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