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Mine only had about 40 hrs on when I took the photo in 2004 and I had just waxed it. As I recall a few weeks before that I'd got caught in the rain and had grass and mud plastered all over it. Thus after washing I took the opportunity to put on the wax.

It's seldom as pristine as the photo and in reality has not seen any wax since then. :D Just not enough hours in the day. ;)
As of right now I have 298.8 hours on mine. It gets washed maybe every 4 months and has never seen any wax.
Mark you have one of the best looking JD's on the web.

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I have a few things Green and Yellow and I use all of them as I have 5 acres to mow every week from early March to the end of November some years. The 2305 is used on the pasture and the yard around the house. The L120 is used to trim around the place and early season mowing when the ground is to wet to support having the 2305 on it and the JS 36 is used to trim around the trees and down the fence lines. Of course on those cool evenings I have to have some heat in the shop and the JD heater is perfect for warming the shop.

Now how did Rocky get in there :D He is doing his favorite habit. Grabbing the empty dog food bag and making sure it was truly empty. Oh well the bag is green. ;)
Well my L-120 has been traded in and I got a new X320 to replace it. The deal was just to good so I got a new lawn tractor. I was to the point that the L-120 was going to fail anyway as I had long ago pasted it's design life at 501 hours. The picture you see of it was from 8 years ago right after I bought it. My X320 has not even seen the grass yet and will have to wait for this weekend IF it does not rain....


41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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