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john deere mower stx38 yellow deck

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hi everyone! help does anyone know where i can get a picture of how to put the belts back on a stx 38. I have looked everywhere. would greatly appreciate it my father replace parts and cant remember how it goes back on thankyou all:)
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Hello, mrsmonna and Welcome to MLMF!

Lets see if this link is any help to ya' as the first diagram, exploded has very good details :

STX 38 belt diagram - Google Search

Don't be a stranger and we hope to see your future posts :D!
Go to Google in search box type John Deere stx38 belt diagram.
That is what I did. If that does not work I have a picture of Mine I can send,if You give Me a e-mail address.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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