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John Deere L100 starting issues please help.

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Hello guys & gals,
I'm brand new here and I need some help. Please forgive me if this topic has been covered already I did not have the time to read through past threads and posts. I have a John Deere L100 garden tractor not sure how old. Has a 17 hp Brigs & Stratton engine. Not sure if this is related but a few weeks back when we had our first chilly night here in Arizona I went out to start the mower and it turned over very slow and could not start. My first thought was battery so I took it down to local store battery tested bad so I replaced it. After that mower started up on the day I installed new battery. I came back out to start the mower again a few days later and it would not start again. So I jumped the battery with my truck 12 volts and it started up. I let it run for a few shut it off and tried to restart and it did just fine. Again a few days later same problem manifested itself again and it would not start. Luckily I bought an extra mower same make and model for parts. To be honest I kind of was shooting from the hip and swapped out the starters thinking maybe that was my problem but that dint make that big of a difference however it cranks over much easier after that for maybe one or two revolutions but then just runs out of juice as if battery is dead. She will start up every time when trying to jump with cables. Also after about two revolutions when trying to start with out battery jumped sounds like flywheel kind of stops and then will spin very slowly but not for very long maybe not even a full turn just sounds like its out of juice again. I'm not sure what I should do now I can get out my voltmeter and start a more methodical troubleshooting plan but I need someone to point me the right direction. I hope I have given enough detail here if not please advise. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer. Phil
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OK, first thing is check the connections, including the ground system. After checking and cleaning them check the voltage at the battery as it sits. Then, start the mower with whatever means needed (jump, charge, etc.). Then, re-check the voltage. It should be higher than it was at the beginning. If not, the problem is with the charging system.

Here is a great charging system publication from Briggs and Stratton. It was posted here by one of our moderators, Mark, to help another gent with a similar problem. This should help you get to the bottom of the problem in short order.

Do keep us informed and let us know how it progresses.
Hi Brad. Hey thank you I will check all of the things that you advised me to along with the Volt Meter readings. FYI went out there today and the only way she will start is with a jump, so based on your advise I will check it tomorrow and keep you posted! Thanks again Phil

You can download the 2002 L100 technical manual here:

It's a big file so may take several minutes. Electrical trouble shooting starts on page 207. ;)
Oh wow!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! So Much!!!!!!
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