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John Deere L-120 Hydro Question

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Hey, Fellow Mower Fans. I posted here in the past about a Scotts 20-48 / John Deere L-120 twins, that had the hydro tranny go away at 525 hrs. I have not given up the hunt for a new Hydro and have found one. I've checked a few references and have not came up with a solid answer to my question, so maybe some of you can lend some info. in my direction. The Hydro I found is a Tuff Torq K46-BT, do any of you know if this tranny will fit the L-120 I have. If looks were the answer, I'd say it would fit, but wanted to be sure before I drop the cash for this new unit.
Thanks in advance.

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You might want to send Tuff Torq a note or call them with the numbers from both units and see if they can tell you what the difference is.

Tuff Torq Aftermarket Services
6041 Hunter Road
Talbott TN 37877
PHONE: 866-572-3441

[email protected]
Thanks Mark, I'll give them a try.

I had a L120 and it was the first year 2003. I just looked up in the Technical manual I bought for it and it stated that the transmission is a Turf Torque K46V. I do not know the differences are but I would bet that the differences are internal and that it should work.

If you can find one that is even better would be a K66 and if you look over in the John Deere section over at Mytractorforum dot com you willl find members that did the K66 mod on a L130 which is using the K46V also.

I traded in my L120 for a X320 eariler this year and had barely over 500 hours on it and it still mowed great and everything surprisingly still operated great but it was nickel and diming me quite a bit.
Tuff Torq tells me, the differences are internal. I appreciate the response Michael. I'll check around a bit more and see if I can find out anything more about it.

Tuff Torq tells me, the differences are internal. ...

Did they elaborate any more info regarding exactly what the internal differences were?
No Mark, they did not.
They, tell me to rebuild the one I have, or replace it with a factory unit.
Their transaxle, but I need to replace it with a factory unit.? I wonder which factory.
I plan to try the new transaxle and see if I can make it work. Excellent mower, would rather not part it out.
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