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John Deere JS63 can't get out of it's own way!

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I have a John Deere JS63 that runs fine but, the drive on it is sooo slow! It doesn't matter which gear it's put in - it's still slow. The cable DOES seem to be moving though.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to the forum cbsarge!

First of all, remove the plastic cover on the rear so that you can access the transmission. Check if the belt is fairly tight. Run the mower and operate the self propell, then watch the belt closely; is it slipping? If not, the problem may be in the transmission. If the belt is lose and slipping take a look at the manual below for instructions on how to tighten it.
Take a look at the manual at the following link: Service

Hope this helps!:)
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