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Sep 2011 was mowing and ran over a dusty area and mower stalled, took it in to John Deere who did a complete service and cleaned the carburator. Used it the day it was serviced with no problems. Used it again this past week picking up leaves with grass catcher attached, started just fine, picked up leaves for about 10-15 mins then stalled. Would start again (no problem), start picking up leaves again for maybe 2 mins and stall. Each time would start with no problems. Even tried it without the grass catcher with same results. Read on some other forums that the hole in your gas cap could be stopped up causing the problem but my gas cap says "Not vented" (no hole). I hate to take it back to JD they are so expensive, any ideas ? Has a Kawaski engine if that helps.

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Hi LadyNeedsHelp, welcome.

The symptom you describe does sound like a clogged gas cap vent, but in your case you say the gas cap isn't vented, but there has to be some way for the tank to be vented in order for the gas to flow out of it to your engine. Otherwise it would be like holding you thumb over a drinking straw and lifting it out of a glass of water. The same principle applies.

Since the cap isn't vented, are there any other hoses or lines, other than the one that delivers the fuel to the carburetor on the tank? Maybe they have become clogged, or kinked. Is there an inline fuel filter that you can see? Maybe there is some debris in it that chokes off the flow of fuel and a new filter is in order.

Do you still have the paperwork from the dealer that did the service back in September? Does it detail what they did in that service and which, if any, parts they replaced? I'm always curious of what dealers do when they service a machine.

Hope that helps a bit.
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