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Last Saturday I went to an auction and bought a JD 316 and a Woods Mow'n Machine. Woods is now running fine the JD on the other hand is not.

The JD has the Onan engine, HYD lift deck and Hydro trans. I had to push it on to the trailer and it seemed to have a dead battery, got home pushed off the trailer and charged the battery and it fired right up. Sounds good so far, I attempted to engage the blades and nothing happened. Came back to the garage with the mower off the ran a hot wire to the clutch and listened for it to engage and it did, so I went into the instrument panel and started to conduct a continuity check. Found 2 fuses and they are good. I must have knocked something off it won't crank, click nothing when I attempt to start it. I did notice a neutral safety switch which is plugged in and after I checked it with the meter it allowed the circuit to be closed. Now I am at a loss. Any ideas? Anyone have a PDF of a manual they are willing to share? Got a heck of a deal on the machines…..

Thanks for the assist.
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