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John Deere 260 worth

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Hi guys. I have a chance to buy 2 John Deere 260's and a tiller attachment for 1,000 dollars. The tiller works. The two mower both run well, and just need a little cleaning and touch-up. Seats are rough, but they ain't brand new. What do you think? Is it a good deal? I also know where a snowblower is for 100 bucks. @ lawnmowers and a tiller and snowblower for 1100 sounds good, but I am not familiar woth the 260 models. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Sorry no body has jumped in to lend any advise rosey65. I'm not familiar with them myself. I usually check out prices asked on CL and the ended auctions on ebay to get sort of an idea of value when I'm not certain.

Here's a little write up about the 260.
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