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John Deere 214 rear axle bearing replacement

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Hi All,

New to this forum and am seeking help. I have a 214 (81, 82? ). this past weekend when i went to change gears and go forward, i went a few feet and then that was it. Motor runs good, gears seemed to be changing fine and it appeared that there was this wobbly thunking sound on the right side hub. I took it out of gear and pushed it and the rear wheels turned fine. i then put it back in gear and pushed and it moved forward and i got this wobbly thunking again in the rear right hub. Pushed it all the way to the garage (wore my butt off). Put the rear end up on a jack and grabbed each back wheel and was able to wobble them like the bearings were wore out. I took the wheels off and seen i needed a snap ring tool. Picked one up today along with a pully puller and got the rear right hub off. The splines inside of the hub are about totally smooth. the splines on the axle on the other hand look extremely good (good for me I'm thinking). I would like to change both hubs which appear to be the main issue but would also like to change the bearings also. At least the right side bearing which seems to have lost its seal (leaky oil substance). I was able to get an exploded view of this and it doesn't appear that there is a seal separate from the bearing. Is this so? My big question here is how do i get that bearing out. I really don't want to take this down any further than i have already. Is there an easy way? special tool? this 214 is over 30 years old, am i best off just putting on the new hubs and calling it good. I am not a mechanic but have no issues getting my hands dirty. sorry for the long post but i wanted to paint a good picture of what was going on and what i need for help. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. this is not a restoration project. this is a working lawn mower.
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Good luck on your problem. Looks like Roger has answered your question on another forum. Hope that you get your problem solved easily. Please come back and let us know how it works out.
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