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John Deere 180 transmission options

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Newbie here with a broken heart. My 1989 JD180 that's been in our family since new has a cracked transaxle housing. I've seen a few replacements sell very high on Ebay but have came up with a possible solution down a different avenue. A friend of mine has two JDs of similar vintage that have both been parked. One is a 175 and the other is a 185...I think. I'm wondering if I can swap out pedals and transmissions with one of those machines to mine and have a unbusted transmission and hydrostat to boot. Anybody know if that would be out of the question? I'm willing to do a little drilling, cutting, or welding but I don't want to hack the machine up too bad.

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Welcome to the forum cclingma!

You might want to enter the model numbers into JD Parts and compare the exploded views if you have not done so already.

John Deere - Parts Catalog

I don't know either way myself but but since your going from gear to hydro it might be one of those little projects that seems simple enough on the surface but develops into either a personal mission of love or a nightmare depending on your spirit of adventure before completed. :D
Not sure if it's too late to answer this but you'd be better off taking your engine and putting it in the 185. Same engine. The frame and body will be slightly different to accomodate the hydro. It would be easier in my opinion to switch motors. Also, if you're close to Detroit, MI, I may have a spare transaxle that'll fit the 180.
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