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John Deere 14PB mower problem

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Hello all,

I just found your site and joined in the hope that someone has knowledge of my problem. I have a '90 JD 14PB push mower. Funny problem - it starts but shuts down after a few seconds. I've checked the fuel and spark. Even replaced the ignition module. Does this mower have a low oil switch or something like that? I replaced the ignition module about 2 weeks ago after it did the same thing as its doing now. I cut the lawn once after replacing the module and thought that I had fixed it. Now its doing the same thing again. Any ideas??

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Welcome to the forum Chris. Kawasaki FC150V engine?

Here's a service manual for that engine:

I doubt it has a low oil shutdown. Far as I know generators are about the only smaller engines that come with that probably in part due to they have larger fuel tanks for longer unattended run time. Does it have any safety switches like on the grass chute or engine brake that might be shorting out?
Hey Mark,

Many thanks for the quick reply and manual. I'll use the manual to try and diagnose the problem. This mower doesnt have any extra switches on it and seems to start fine and run for a few seconds. Thats why I thought of the oil pressure shutdown switch.....guess I keep looking.

Thanks again,
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