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I have a 3.5 HP craftsman edger. The carb is leaking gasoline out of the throat of the carb. It is where the filter attaches to the carb. It is a Tecumseh engine and carb with the round pleated filter. Can anyone make a suggestion as to the problem.
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Hello, and welcome to MLMF, jlaminack1

Best guess is stuck float or trash preventing the needle to seat. It would be the first thing I'd check anyway...

Give your thread a little bit of time as we've got some gent's way smarter than me :bag:
I'll second Mark on the float issue. That carb might not be really repairable. Some folks even after rebuilding the Tecumseh carbs have problems with that. You could enter your model number into Sears website at the link below and look up if a replacement carb is available for it and what the cost would be.
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