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JG 165 Hydro Lift mechanism

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I've got an older 165 Hydro lawn tractor. I put my snowblower on today and realized that my lift mechanism isn't working properly. It goes up and down just fine, but it doesn't stay up (it was this way most of the summer too, I just never cared, but I have to be able to keep it up with the snowblower).

The little tabbed clip looks like it has spun around and/or lost a part. I have taken a video showing where the clip was when I started. I have since spun it around so the tab is up above, but it still doesn't lock in the up position. The 'button' you push at the top of the lift rod works just fine, but it's not latching when in the up position.

There are 2 holes in the part in the video. One has the push button in it, the other is empty, and I'm assuming that is my problem.

Does anyone know how this goes? Or a diagram of the setup when complete?

Sorry - I'm lost on this one.

Video at:

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the forum Liamfm!

I found this view of the "MOWER LIFT LEVER AND LIFT SHAFT"

I found this exploded view by plugging in 165 into:

John Deere - Parts Catalog

Does it look like what you have?
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YES! That's it. It would appear that I'm missing 1, 2, and 4. Looks like m8x1.25 hex cap, a spacer for it, and a washer.

All put back together. Sort of.

Getting that bolt in from the left side then into the threaded hole is just impossible. I ended up putting a longer bolt in from the other side.

Sometime I'll get to JD to get the correct parts. I couldn't find the spacer in the correct size. Either way, it's working much better now.
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