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JD345 - Transmission Problem

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I have a JD345 mower, V2 20 HP engine, 54" mower deck, powerflow attachment, about 330 hours on it. The engine starts fine, but it will stop running when I take off in forward or reverse, unless I quickly press in the brake pedal - then it returns to idle and runs good. But it will kill again if I take off in forward or reverse.

I also noticed that the freewheeling rod/lever only locks the tractor from going in reverse, but not forward (when manually pushing the tractor). I believe that the freewheeling rod use to lock the tractor from moving in forward or reverse when trying to manually push the tractor.

I suspect there is some damage to the transmission, the wet-disc brake system in the transmission, or maybe the brake pedal/free wheeling rod linkage system?

Appreciate any help/suggestions to what is the problem
Thanks, Jim
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Welcome Jim! :)

My first thought would be a safety switch causing it to stall since pressing the brake will keep it running. Namely the seat switch or something in that circuit. When it stalls does it act the same as turning off the switch or does the engine act like it is under a very heavy load?

On my LT150 as I recall without pulling the bypass rod it will move one direction if you push hard enough but will lock the wheels going the other direction. Of course when you pull the bypass rod and it moves easy both ways.
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