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Hi Oh Great and Knowledgeable Ones -
I bought a used JD SX 85 for $1100 5 years ago from a JD Dealer, with the promise that it would be a dependable mower and in the fall, pick up leaves or allow me to mulch the leaves, from several large Maple trees, on my 1 acre lawn - here in the damp and dewy Northwest. I have spent from $200 - $500 each of the 5 years having it serviced and repaired. The mower does not pickup even grass clippings, but it does a good job of mowing.

Now an 8" disc that looks to turn a pulley or blade from under the disc has fallen off the mower, and I am not sure that I trust the dealer to make repairs. The mower also has issues with what the Dealer said might be the transmission (hard to put in reverse and sticks on tight turns).

Now that I've paid for my used lawn mower sever times over, I'd be ever so grateful if some trustworthy guys could advise me as to whether it's worth another $500 to get it mowing again or whether I should be looking for another mower?

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Welcome Nonmower! :howdy:

Sorry to hear of all your troubles. Sounds like that mower might be a little on the lightweight side for your size of lawn and what you need it to do.

As for the part that came loose, only thing off hand that I can think off that would be a roughly 8" pully in size would be the drive pulley on the transmission. Looks to be held in place with only a clip washer. Maybe the clip broke and allowed it to come off. If that is the case there is a key on the shaft to keep the pulley from turning on the shaft and I would bet that has fell off as well. Provided it did not bugger up the shaft on the transmission too bad and provided it is in a location that is accessible without too much trouble I doubt it would be that expensive to repair or maybe it would be something you could do yourself and save some money.

See part #1, #2 and #3 in the exploded view below:

You can look up parts and other images of your tractor at John Deere Parts catalog:

John Deere - Parts Catalog
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