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After 20 years of using lawn, garden and subcompact tractors and not having a walk behind mower, my wife and decided that we needed a trimming mower for around the fences and trees on the property as the weed wacker was hard to use and the majority of the trimming a small walk behind mower would work a lot better.

After several months of waiting for the end of the season sales we went to Lowe's and bought a JD JS36 in the box and bought it home. The price was $360.00 and we got 10% off.

I put together the lawn mower in a few minutes and filled it with oil and gas and it started on the first pull. I then went and did some trimming and discovered that I need to wear gloves as the drive handle wears on my thumb but otherwise then that it really does a great job as the mower did mow nice and smooth.

One issue I am going to do is replace the nuts that tighten the handle with regular locking nuts as the plastic ones do tend to work loose and I can put on nilock nuts and washers that are far better for something that still has vibrations from the single cyclinder engine running.

So are there any issues on these little mowers that I should know or should I just relax and mow until it breaks :D
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Welcome to the forum MIchael! :)

....So are there any issues on these little mowers that I should know or should I just relax and mow until it breaks :D
I subscribe to the "If it aint broke, don't fix it" theory myself. I change the oil and put on clean filters at the recommended intervals and try to avoid worry until something breaks. ;)
Welcome, Michael! The handle on my Craftsman mower sounds similar to yours. I found some Bell bicycle handlebar tape and wrapped it around the mower handle. Now it has a nice padded no-slip grip and feels much better.
June, the issue with the handle is the fact is nice and thick but the hard plastic wears on the inside of my left hand to the point that I got a blister. The simple and easy remedy is I wear a pair of work gloves and I was fine. I guess I have got a little soft :eek:. Being that I am left handed I learn stuff really quick so I will not do that again.

I know at MTF we all want pictures of our new toys so I have added 3 of the new lawn mower.

It is a little strange that I do not feel all beat up like when I got done using the weed beater because I only had one spot in near my garage that I had to use the weed eater and it only took a few minutes.

I think I am going to like this a lot better using the walk behind in comparison to using my old method.


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Thanks for the pictures. Engine looks like a modern day variant of the old school Briggs Quantum engine. I've had good luck with them on my 10 year old Toro Super Recycler (around 200-300 hrs use) and so far on my Troy-Bilt pressure washer (about 6 hrs use).
Yeah Mark that is what the owner manual calls it a 700 Series Quantum Briggs and Stratton engine.
Home Depot has a decently priced (not like the really high prices of the Mexhanix gloves), very padded gloves that I bought. I decided to get them to help with vibrations and they, aside from getting a little sweaty under heavy use, have been great. I only use them for mowing and they have greatly helped with vibrations. Call me crazy, but I started wearing gloves (different ones) and ear protection about 4 years ago, every time I mow. I swear that I feel much better when I'm done than I did before. I'm with you though and looking at some other means (maybe some heavy duty bushings) to lessen vibrations.
Yeah Mark that is what the owner manual calls it a 700 Series Quantum Briggs and Stratton engine.
Looks like a fine machine. I like the one-touch height adjustment. I've got the same engine on my Craftsman with electric start. It's got plenty of power!
I am sure that this lawn mower will last a long time as it also has the fuel stabilizer in the cap and I bought 2 extra ones when I was Lowe's. I really wanted the top of the line JS46 for $20 more, but they were sold out so I settled on this model.

I also bought a extra bottle of Briggs and Stratton oil as it was also on sale as Lowe's is clearing out the summer stuff for the winter stuff. We do not get much snow so they clear out as much stuff as they can so they have more room for the Christmas decorations.
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