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I was looking at John Deere LA145 & LA175 tractors in store and later tried to find out how their hydrostatic transmission works, but could not find anything on internet as far as diagrams.

A Craftsman model I was looking at has a double pulley on the vertical shaft engine, one to drive the deck and one that extends back to the hydraulic pump/transmission. However, the LA models have a single pulley that drives the deck. I did not notice a second pulley that drives the transmission. I looked at a website for manuals on these tractors and there is no mention of maintenance on a drive belt, just the deck belt. Maybe I missed something when I was looking at them in the store. Even the horizontal shaft type mowers that I have looked at have deck belt and a drive belt to drive the pump/transmission.

Also, I think the X300 model has the same setup as the LA models, i.e. same transmission, but just a heavy duty frame and possibly better quality engine. Correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks, MR
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