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JD Hydro 165 problem

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OK here goes . I brought a JD Hydro 165 in April after my STX 38 died . The 165 ran great it cut good drove good no problems what so ever with it .
Then i was cutting the about two weeks ago then it just wouldn't drive anymore . It wouldn't got forward or back . Si pushed it into my garage to see what was up so i took the deck off and i saw a belt was hanging down . So i figured out how it went and went to see if it would drive nothing so i looked again and it was loose so i then went on the net to see if i could see what was wrong and i came across some pictures of how the belt should go and a whole pulley was missing that tightens the belt next to the engine shaft .
I then went to the JD web site to see if it was missing it was then that i saw that the bolt that holds the pulley in place wasn't there which was strange as you have to lift the engine up to get the bolt in . Now im trying ti figure out how the last owner had it driving without the pulley in place as the belt was routed wrong as the pictures i found showed the correct way .
I got the parts lined the belt up and tightened it i then went to start the mower and now it turns over and sounds like its going to fire but it won't it sounded like it was struggling to turn over so i slacked the belt off some same thing no start .
So i have no idea whats up could it be the drive belt being to tight and its slowing the engine down so it won't fire or could i have knocked some sensor and thats why it won't fire these are the only things i can think of what it might be .
Any help would be appreciated
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Maybe a little more linkage adjustment is needed??

Don't know specifically on your model but on my LT150 when you set the parking brake to get the starter to engage it also loosens the belt to the hydro to remove any load from the starter.

If nothing else drop the belt back off the engine pulley and see if it will start. That will at least rule out the belt being the problem if it still does not start.
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