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JD D110 Won't Start

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Bought new in Apr 2011. Started it yesterday afternoon, drove it out of the garage into driveway, shut it off, installed new mulching cover, got back on, and then nothing. headlights work, no noise, nothing turns over. Full of gas, been using it fine all spring/summer. Checked the 20 amp fuse, all good there. I know it just has to be something very simple. Please advise. Dealer appointment for later next week, like to get it going to cut the yard, about an acre and don't want to do it with the push mower. yea I know, call me a wimp. Thanks, Phred sends
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Hi Phred

It's not uncommon for a small engine to lock-up during the compression stroke. Try to turn the motor over manually without the sparkplug.
Welcome to the forum Phred. :)

First thing I would check is to make sure the safety switch in the seat has not come loose from the seat or the plug disconnected from it.
Looked at the seat switch and the switch on the under the brake lever, both seem intake and a firm connection. Thanks, Phred sends
Looks to be a manual PTO on that model so there would be one more switch somewhere on the lever to engage the blades.
Maybe you should take the mulching cover back off..........just kidding, make sure the PTO is disengaged, may have bumped it or something.
Funny you say that, I did take the mulching cover off thinking there was a switch within the deflector covers, maybe the deflectors were to high with the mulching cover installed. Anyhow, with was not it either. The techie will be out today and I will post the rest of the story. Thanks, Phred sends
case solved. the MX guy came from John Deere and was gone in 5 minutes. It was the safety switch for the PTO under and inside the dash. Thru vibrations it just rose up enough to disconnect it. now I know what to do the next time. Later, Phred sends
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