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JD 160 with a jerky ride

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I need help to figure out where the drive is loosing it's drive and then grabbing. It feels like a bucking bronco. I thought maybe the drive belt to the transmission was maybe slipping. Changed it, not an easy job, still the same problem. It's my daughters, (single mom), she said it's been like that for guite awhile. It looked up on the parts listings and it cant see where there is any place that would allow it to be slipping and grabbing. Un less one of the keyways are maybe broken and allowing it to slip. I really don';t want to take the whole rear end out if I don't have to.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Thos
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Hi there,

First off, is this machine a hydrostat or gear drive?

If it's hydrostatic, I would check the fluid for starters. If it's gear driven it sounds like it could possibly be an adjustment in the linkage that needs to be made.

first i would ask does the engine run smooth at high throttle with no load if not could be engine pulsing for lack of adequate fuel. clean carb.
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