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JD 155c Briggs won't start / already adjusted valves

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hey guys! checking in again because I've got problems,

JD 155C with briggs 25hp model model 445777 engine,

This is a flood rehab

it's been running great the last few years, an occasional slow cranking that normally I can jumpstart through and get it running,

without the spark plugs in, it spins fast, this weekend I decided to try to adjust them again, this is the third time in about 5 years,

I adjusted the valves to .004 (the manual said .005) at 1/4" past TDC,

it did attempt to spin a revolution or two before stopping but no start or even close to fast enough to start,

Wondering if my cam lobe is shot, I don't see the momentary engagement that is shown on some you tube videos of the rocker dropping for a second, ??

any other advice, not really experienced enough to tear the engine down to confirm the cam lobe,

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after leaving the battery charger on it for another couple of days (it was already connected and indicating full charge before the last failed to start attempt ) I happened to be walking by and thought I'd try it again, it cranked slowly and unevenly but enough to start the engine,

after thinking about buying a "new" used engine, tearing the current one apart in an attempt to fix, I stopped by a local shop, he said only 1 in 10 briggs engines he works on has the compression stop issue and the internet makes it seem worse than his experience,

with that I thought a $30 gamble on a new starter would be worth it, bought a DB electric hi-torque starter, 30 minutes to install, the very first crank it spun like the engine was already at full throttle,

glad to say this mower is ready for the summer,
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