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Jacobsen Commercial 20

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Very informative site, I am happy to have been accepted as a new member......This is my first post here and hopefully I can also be of some help to someone in the future. Here goes my first question.....I dumpster dove last spring and fished out this rotary mower. With a little bit of work I got it running like a bear. I have been looking for for some information as to the mfg. date of this Jake and the engine manufacturer. I have been to the Jacobsen site (found the parts schematic) but the techs. there have no information to give me. One tech sent me to the Homelite site which was a washout (no info available), another tech from Jacobsen recently said it maybe a 1990 to 1992 unit. Mower tags info as follows: Jacobsen Div. of Textron; Commercial 20; s/n: 032017 5372; engine tag: Jacobsen Textron; model: 123V; spec. no. : V51200; displacement: 123cc; hp/rpm: 4/3600. I think this may have a Subaru/Robin engine from my web searches. The gas tank says 50:1 mixture. There is no flywheel brake or bail on the mower handle, the deck is heavy gage aluminun, the wheels all have grease fittings, it is a rather heavy machine in nice shape. ......


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Cool find!!

Wow, that thing is in really nice shape to have been placed in a dumpster.

It sure does look heavy. I wish I knew more about these later model machines, but I don't. The deck design is somewhat similar to the earlier type rotary's that Jake produced, but I'm not familiar unfortunately with the engine.

Keep us updated. It sounds like you've gathered all of the info that you can get out of the manufactures for information.


You might also try posting this over on MTF in the walk-behind section. I know there are a few folks over there who know about these engines where you might find some more info. :)
MTF walk-behinds now has this post also.......thanks Austen,again......:cool
A few more pics to be more clear......and it is a Wisconsin/Robin (made by Subaru) engine. I'm still bugging the Jacobsen tech. site, sent an email agaion yesterday. :dunno:


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Just gotta an email back from Jacobsen tech. service today and they sent me the owners manual in pdf. Yup, 21 pages and now printed out and filed. The mower is a 1986 model, and this has made my day!!!....:party
Congratulations! Sounds like persistence paid off. :cool
That's fantastic! I believe Jacobsen/Textron received enough requests for information on some of their vintage reel mowers, that they added a few to the list that you can find online. Customer service like that makes you wish they were still in the consumer end of the business.

That's a great mower you have there.
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