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In 2000 I got my first Goldwing. It was a 79 1000. Along about that time my brother told me the alternator in his 84 1200 had failed completely. I replaced his for him. Took me two days. Then I found mine to be bad as well. Replaced it too. On both bikes I found that the root failure was the Molex connector on the alternator output. The three yellow wires connecting the alternator to the regulator. I cut the Molex connector out and soldered the wires. On mine, the problem had been made much worse by the previous owner who had installed lots of driving and marker lights, all connected with Scotchlock connectors. Those things are nothing but trouble. I rode that 1000 all over the western half of the country for five years and my brother gave he his 1200, so I gave the 1000 to my best friend. Here's a surprise, I bought a 2001 VTX 1800 last year. Honda used the same Molex connector that had failed on earlier bikes. No lesson learned and nothing to correct the problem. Both Wings are still going strong.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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