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I have one acre of mostly flat yard with the house right in the middle. My 14y/o JD lt150's deck has pretty much wore out now, so I'm looking to replace it with a ZTR. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Raptor 54" or the Raptor SD 54". I understand the differences between the two.....larger wheels, better transmissions that are serviceable, better seat...I believe there are a few other differences, but that's all I can recall right now.

The advise I'm looking for right now is whether or not the SD is worth that extra 1K for my situation. I want to get one that, as long as I do the normal required maintenance, will last me another 14 or 15 years without any major replacements or issues. I don't expect to be putting more than 40 or so hours a year on this thing. Will the EZT transmissions need to be replaced much sooner than the 2800s? From what I see, that would cost about $1500 to replace both of them, so maybe it is with the extra right now.

Anyway, looking fir adviser from the experience people. I appreciate any knowledge you are willing to share.

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