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How to post pictures and smilies and links in your posts...

Lesson 2 - Finding the address of an image you want to include in a post

Every web browser provides a way to find the URL (aka the web address) of the images it displays. So, if you find an image you want to include in a post, you can take that address and include it in your post, and that image will appear within your post. This lets you do two things with your posts: 1) include images from OTHER people's web pages in your posts without having to copy the whole image and find some place of your OWN to keep it (like uploading it to your own web server or to MLF's image gallery) and 2) it lets you include your OWN images in your posts, just by copying and pasting YOUR images' web addresses into your posts.

Image Finding Basics

Now we're going to take a look at how this is done. Once again, I'm going to provide you with a sample image to work with

Take your mouse and right-click over top of the image (Note - If you are running a Mac with a single-button mouse or you haven't configured your mouse/trackpad for right-clicking, hold the CTRL key down as you click). This will bring up a contextual menu that has a number of items listed in them. ONE of those items will enable you to copy and paste the image's web address into your computer's clipboard. Which item depends on which web browser you are using…

The Browsers

In the following section, I'm going to show you screen shots of the contextual menus that appear for four different browsers, and I've highlighted with a red box what you have to select from each of these menus to copy the image's address. The browsers I'm demonstrating are: Internet Explorer on the PC, Firefox on the PC, Firefox on the Mac and Safari on the Mac. Other browser like Opera and Chrome will have similar options available, but they MAY be named somewhat differently.

Internet Explorer on the PC

This is, arguably, the most complicated browser to do this with.

When you right click over top of an image, you'll see the following menu:

If you choose Properties at the bottom of the menu, ANOTHER window will open:

Within this menu, you will see the image's address (I've highlighted it in blue and put a red box around it). If you right-click over top of the address, another menu will appear.

Choose Select All to select the entire address, then choose Copy to copy the address into your clipboard.

Let's look at the rest of the browsers now...

Firefox on the PC

Firefox on the Mac

Safari on the Mac

At THIS point, you should be ready to go to a post you want to insert an image into, click the Insert Image button
, then right-click over top of it and choose Paste (see Lesson One for how to do that!).

Congratulations, you've just successfully completed Lesson 2 of how to insert images into posts!

Originally posted on January 2012.
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