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Inexpensive (and neglected) lawnmower won't stay cranked

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I have a push mower (Weed Eater brand). I didn't need to use it last year, so it just sat.

Now I am trying to get it started, and am having problems. The lawnmower will crank for 3-4 seconds and then dies. I appears to be using the gas that I pumped into with the little bulb pump, but then runs out of fuel, perhaps.

I've changed the spark plug, tried it without pumping it, pumping it a lot, changed the oil, dumped out the gas and replaced the gas - always the same behavior.

Any help in troubleshooting why the engine only stays cranked for a few seconds would be greatly appreciated.
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My first guess would be that the carb got clogged up while sitting. Try adding some Seafoam to the new gas you've put in it, and if possible try dribbling a bit of it into the carb throat during that little burst of running you get when you prime it. Next step would be to clean the carb.
If your mower's gas cap has a hole/vent in it, make sure that hole isn't clogged up.
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