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Illustrated Kill Switch

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This modification was done by the previous owner, a retired engineer. I can't argue with how he did it, although his placement was suspect. I think I will relocate it closer to the tee handle and use a toggle switch.


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Incredibly simple!

Looks like a door bell and located for his foot to kill the engine. Not a bad idea for sure :D
Oh, I remember seeing that in a thread a week or 2 ago. Did you ever get that little critter running?
The coil is bad. Anyone have a line on a good coil at a good price?? I took those shots while I went through the ignition. I suspect it was sitting waiting on the coil given the spares he had and the overall condition of the mower and the $7 price tag.
I have a 5200 18" with that wire hanging down disconnected. Where did it originally go?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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