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If you were buying a new HRX

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Hopefully picking up a new HRX at the end of the month. I am having a hard time deciding between the cruise control/hydrostatic model and the smart drive model. I checked out the Smart drive last week and it seemed like it would be ergonomically fine. But I am still curious about the cruise control/hydrostatic model. My concern with those models is I have smaller hands and it may be not as ergonomically comfortable to reach and modulate the lever for drive engagement. I don't want to be always reaching for the cruise lever for speed control. I would rather set my max speed and use the lever to modulate speed as needed. I have called all around to the dealers listed on the honda web site if they have one instock....and not one does. My yard is about 7000 sq ft and flat. Some tight areas going around mulch beds and so on.
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Sounds like you liked the Smart Drive. I've not used one of those myself, but did use a Honda with the hydro. I found it very easy to use, and had no problem moving the lever with one hand to adjust the speed of the mower while holding on with the other to control direction.
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