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I must be living right!

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I got home before my wife did today, and decided to try to get my old 1949 Jacobsen Bantam running. I'd tried before, and it tried, but wouldn't start. So, I did some more work on the fuel line and gas tank. Put it all back on this afternoon, splashed in some new gas, and after a few pulls, the little old gal came to life.

When the wife got home, we did some yard work. I got the chipper out to take care of some tree branches, and darn if it didn't start without a hitch after sitting all winter. Then, just for grins, and maybe pushing my luck a bit, I pulled the Honda HR214 from the shed, put some gas in it, and it started on the first pull!

The wife bought a lottery ticket today too. You don't suppose...

Like I said, I must be living right. Life is Good.
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Hey Austen, I'll use the HR214 for the yard duties. I'm hoping to be able to get all of the reel mowers going at the same time, and run them out to a cemetery I've helped mow for the last couple of years and get them out to let them stretch their tired old legs!:D

I dunno' Mark, she said she was driving along and noticed that her odometer was turning over to 77777, so she just had a feeling and headed to the gas station up the street.;)

Well, never mind, I just looked, and she didn't match a single number:( Oh well, it would have been a good story.
I'm living right, alright, but some days are better than others. I got tired of looking at my 1962 Jacobsen Edge-R-Trim sitting on the laundry counter top, and figured the wife was too, though she hadn't said anything, bless her heart, and took it out to see if my luck was still running on the good side.

Well, yes and no. It started, and ran, but I had a heck of a time getting it to run like it should. I also busted one of the new exhaust gaskets I'd managed to find for it. Oh well, worse things can happen. One of these days I'll go back and talk nicely to it, and things will be good with it again.
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