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I know it is not a walk behind but here it is.

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this is my 1974 MTD 990

here is my 1977 MTD 990 (the one on the right)
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Its what the walk behinds aspire to grow up to be. :)
My thoughts exactly. My yard is way too big for a walk behind, and these were free.
The one on the left appears to be missing the middle so I guess if you really wanted to walk behind it pushing it all the way you could?
Yea the engine blew a couple of months ago so I got the 1977 to use the engine. Even before it blew up I had to push it back to the house a couple of times. When I feel lazy I used the John Deere in the background to pull it and also because it is to heavy to push up hill (1035lbs).
real nice mowers. I have always wanted a bigger tractor. I have a wheel horse and a person I know has a 990. It nice. Have you pulled anything like a plow or a disk? If you have did it do good? I really would like to have a 990 if he sells it for the right price.
I have not pulled any thing with them, because I haven't had one run long enough to save the money to buy attachments for them. Wheel Horse's a sweet tractors and I hope to get the 244H that was my grampa's.
Really? I like Wheel horses but mine just isn't that big. I had mine gave to me by a fellow at my church. Another guy at my church has one too. The thing is on my wheel horse I have replaced the solenoid and starter switch and traced all the wires back and replaced the fuses. Still can't start it with the switch. I have to cross it over. It drives me insane. But so far I have dug potatoes with it and it did just fine. Couldn't be easier. I would like something with a 3pt so I can dig them myself so i don't have too hold a plow while someone else drives it. We have an old horse plow that we use to dig them. Been in family for long time. But if I could just hook something up and drive it would be nice.
I know the 244 is not the biggest or the best WH but because it has been in the family since it was new and I know it has less than 300hrs on it.
Yep but anything free is good. I had mine gave to me too. It had 1367 hours on it when I got it. Rebuilt it and it runs perfect. No smoke and excellent power. Will pull a truck i bet. excellent tractor. Now come the transmission seal and the ignition system. Always something.
I don't think I could get it for free but hey its still a nice tractor.
I don't think I could get it for free but hey its still a nice tractor.
Oh. Well yes its a nice tractor. Never owned a hydro myself. Always wanted one. The only thing I don't like on a WH is the hand hydro. Needs to be ground for me.
this is my 1974 MTD 990

here is my 1977 MTD 990 (the one on the right)
Those 2 are the same model right? What Year are they?

Edit: Doh! I should have read the captions better! I see now that ones a 74' and ones a 77'
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