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hydraulics deere wam 1600

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need some help diagnosing intermittent "chattering" of front deck. hose starts vibrating and jumping. fluid level fine. self corrects in a few minutes but doesn't seem like a good thing:help:

appreciate any suggestions other than $125/hr at local dealer who I pay to learn about this machine cuz mine is the only one they have seen since there are just farms and not large lawns around here...'cept mine.

kindest thanks for insight.

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interesting thought


only front deck has the issue.

symptom reminds me of air in the line when you change a pipe or filter in a plumbing system. air gets introduced and until it is vacated the systems "hammers".

your suggestion would be interesting but probably cost about $200 for the special length hose that one would need to be made up to try that connection.

these are semi rare beasts and hopefully another grasser may have more insight.

thanks for the thought! very intuitive!

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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