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Husqvarna YTH1942 blade bent and attatched part snapped

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I hit part of a stump coming out of the ground with one of the blades. It is now badly bent, and the part it spins on cracked and broke in at least two spots. What parts do I need to fix my mower? Thanks.
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What parts do I need to fix my mower?
Well, certainly the spindle and the blade, at the very least...
Husqvarna 532138971 FOR BAGGING OR DISCHARGING 21" Hi-Lift Blade
Husqvarna 587819701 Spindle Assy.
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How do you know the blade is right? The spindle says it works for YTH series mowers, but the blade does not.
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Yeah, that's definitely it. Thank you.
With a older unit, I always order the bolts and hardware to make the install easier
The bolts normally come with the spindles on the Husqvarna spindles. Same spindles fit the Craftsman, Murray, Yard Machines, anything with a 2 blade deck up to about 46 inches. Jack's won't be your least expensive. Don't get me wrong, I like Jacks, but mowing deck parts are cheaper elsewhere. Hunt for those part numbers on Amazon if you want competitive pricing.
The bolts normally come with the spindles on the Husqvarna spindles
Smart move. I have serviced units with a set of mismatch bolts because the original ones were broke or lost! I have made it a habit to replace with OEM hardware on certain items to make sure they secure the item correctly.
I would replace both blades and keep the straight one for a spare.
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