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Huskee LT 42

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I bought a Z445 last year and need a smaller tractor for the area right around the house

I was looking at TSC they have an LT 42 with a 420 CC Powermore engine

Does anyone have any info on these they look like a Honda clone

I cant find a website for them and they are not listed on MTD site either

Any help appreciated!
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Thank you this is a new 2012 the 2011 they have has the Kohler

I think for the price and as little as i need it I will go ahead and take a chance

Either that or 400 more for a JD d-100????
For the most part, most entry level riders share the same respects in terms of quality in my opinion, but the JD may feel a little more refined overall vs. the Huskee. The JD is more, but you do get a better parts/dealer/support network and a decent warranty. Yeah, when it comes to engine brand, I would definitely go with a name brand.
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