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Greetings everyone,

I purchased this machine about a year ago as an edger machine because it is small and easy to maneuver... normally one pull will start this machine... well, today I try to started for the first time, and its starts for about 3 seconds, then goes off. It has fresh gas, oil is clean and up to level, I then undo the gas hose from the tank and gas just pour easily out. Oh yeah, air filter is clean.. probably because it does not gets that heavily used... but I really needed ... any suggestions? The only last though I had was to undo the gas hose from the other side and confirm it is getting gas through the hose.

Your help is greatly appreciated,


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Not familiar with this machine but my thought is going to be a gummed/clogged carburetor. I searched and do not find an HU600. Is this a dedicated edger, or a lawn mower that you are using to trim? We should be able to get you up and running without very much trouble at all.

If this is indeed a conventional lawn mower, I would suggest removing the carburetor if you feel confident in this task. Take a few photos of the different parts that connect to the carb, i.e., governor spring, throttle linkage, etc. Take the bottom off the carburetor ( will appear as a bowl ), being careful as it will be full of gas. Some spray carb cleaner directed into various orifices and passages should clean out the clogged passageway.

If you are not comfortable removing the carb you can try this as it will probably help as well. Take the hose off the carb and drain the gas back into your fuel can. Put some fuel line cleaner in the tank, such as SeaFoam (suggested), Gumout, etc., then add a bit of gas. Start the engine several times to circulate some of the cleaner into the carburetor. Let it sit for a bit and start again. It may take a few times before you get the engine running properly but should get it back to normal.

Next fall, purchase some Stabil and put in the fuel tank and run the engine for about 5 minutes to circulate it into the carburetor. That should prevent similar problems next year.

Good luck, and keep us informed on your progress and if you have any additional problems or questions let us know!
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