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So a friend of mine brings me his Honda HRX217TDA Versamow (SN#MAGA-1142027) with a 3 speed transmission that runs GREAT but wouldn't move.
I'm not that well versed in Honda's but he's a friend so I agree to take a look.
When its in gear and you pick the back up a litle the wheel go like no ones business in all 3 gears but as soon as it hits the ground-nothing.
I immediately "assume" (yes I know) that the transmission is ok & there's a problem elsewhere.
So I get a new drive belt-did nothing!
Then I get a new cable-did nothing!
then I spoke to a local Honda mechanic and he says that he has seen the pulley on top of the blade adapter get out of shape and not grip the belt well-so we replace that-which was not cheap!
It didn't help either!
I have the cable adjustment maxed out and there's very little tension-if I pull on the cable it wants to go-SO I made a quick bracket to get a little more tension on the cable and it STILL didn't work...
Anyone have a thought?? Is the tranny bad??
Any info would be appreciated! Thanks

BTW: I haven't been able to find an exploded view of the transmission to see what inside may have gone bad-maybe i should just tell him to bite the bullet and take it to a Honda dealer...
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