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HRX217 for bagging leaves?

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From what I've read these machines are of excellent quality compared to the rest so I'm not so concerned about that. My question is about their leaf bagging abilities. I have 5 large trees (and I do mean large) on about a 1/2 acre lot in the northeast. Leaf cleanup in the fall is a chore. With my Toro lawnmower it simply throws the leaves into the bag so the bag fills very quickly. Supposedly, with the versamow system on these Hondas, if you barely open the bagging entry the leaves get chopped up repeatedly until they are small enough to pass through the opening resulting in finely chopped leaves. Looking for folks who have used this to pick up leaves to chime in with their experience.

I'm not expecting miracles from any push behind mower but just want to make the job easier. A bigger bag would help but it doesn't look like that's available.
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I have a Honda and it does chop them up but like you I have tons of trees and in the NorthEast so you will be emptying your bag alot but the Honda picks up every leaf.
I have had my Honda HR214 for 15 years + and starts first time every time, I will never need another push mower again.
I have a smallish (less than 1/4 acre) backyard here in north Georgia with about 6 large hardwoods. I use an HRX to grind up the leaves just fine, never been any problems. Set the Clip Director (green knob) to full mulch, then back off one notch. The tiny opening will force the leaves to continue being chopped up by the twin blades until they are small enough to exit through the opening and go into the bag.

The bagging is more efficient, as the smaller bits fill the bag better than larger ones.
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