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Hrm 215 sxa

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Old mower, runs good. Suddenly, the back wheels momentarily lock up when I try to back up with the mower, when clutch not engaged, as when turning at the end of a row. Tried new wheels, not the problem. New transmission, or a clutch problem? Help.
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Welcome to the forum Grampus!

Does it lock without the engine running as well? If so I would guess a problem with the ratchets. If not then maybe the clutch is not fully releasing tension. Maybe a drive cable adjustment?

Owners Manual
Reply to Mark/Ohio

Thanks Mark - sorry to be missing for so long.

The problem only occurs with the engine running, and only after about twenty minutes of mowing. Feels sort of like the clutch is trying to engage, though it's flapping in the breeze at the time I feel the brief "lock-up". The play in the clutch is probably close to 1/2", rather than the 1/4" suggested in the manual, so I will try to adjust that. The clutch has a hair trigger, no gradual engagement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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