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Howdy from South Dakota

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New member and I'm already really enjoying the site. Just bought my first Murray 21/46 WideBody GT. It is a 2001 model. Seems it has a leak in one of the seams on the fuel tank. Any idea on how to fix that problem? Once again thanks for the opportunity to contribute when I can.

Jefffrey A. Van De Stroet
U.S. Army Retired.
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Welcome to the forum Jeffrey! Is it a plastic tank or a metal one?
Plastic, sorry about that Mark.

Jeffrey A. Van De Stroet
U.S. Army Retired
People seem to report mixed results repairing the plastic tanks. If replacing it is not an option you can mix up some epoxy and apply to the outside or they also have some sealer that you pour inside that coats the tanks and seams.

Couple examples:

J-B Weld Company - WATER WELD Product Information Caswell Gas Tank Sealer: Automotive

I've had JB Weld on a couple small engine metal tanks. One's held up for years, the other last only a couple years before leaking. I've never personally tried the in-tank sealer myself.
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Thanks, I tried your epoxy idea and it seems to be holding fine....
Good deal! Keep us posted how it works out over the long run. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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