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I picked up this mower about two months ago and have used it a few times so far. Thing is a beast though.

Howard Price Turf Blazer with a 48" deck.

It's got a Kawaski FB460V

And pretty basic controls with the pistol grips

And Velke

I've never owned a walk behind like this and the 48" is really overkill for my yard but ztr's were way beyond what I wanted to spend and this actually turns pretty good for the tight turns I wanted to be able to make around my yard.

I had found limited information on my mower after I got it and saved a few docs. If I get my computer working again I'll share them here. From what I found I think my mower is a 1994.

I've changed the oil in it so far and will be doing a new spark plug, air/fuel filter soon. It was greaesed up right before i bought it. Anything else I should do to keep this thing running around?

I'm a bit worried about getting belts for it because it's Howard Price but figure I can find something about the same after measuring what's needed with rope. I guess I'll just deal with that if/when a belt breaks.

Starts up pretty good most of the time but did give me issue last time. I think the choke was sticky, which was an issue with the FB460V from what I read. A little starter fluid and it fired right up.

Also the safety lever on the left had been frozen when I got it but has since worked itself loose.

Guy I got it from had it sitting for a few year and before that he cut his yard and a cemetery. I think he picked it up after it had been used commercially.

Anyways, I'm pretty happy with it so far. Works well with a smaller push mower and trimmer for the tighter stuff.

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Cool stuff! :ThumbUp: I'm sure it'll last you a long time. It's nice to have commercial grade equipment like that.
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